Participatory Production

Local Hospice Month

I will work closely with the community based Grahamstown Hospice which provides support to persons in the last phases of incurable diseases. I will teach some of the members of the organisition the basics of audio production while I will come to understand what their role within the community is. Through my work at Hospice I hope to create a sustainable partnership which will benefit the organisation for years to come. Follow my progress here.

Journalism 2

Part of my course requirements include tutoring a group of 6 second year students taking part in a Radio crash course over the next six months. Their course brief outlines the production of a 30-minute magazine show of which I will be the executive producer. This page will contain the highlights of work produced by these students under my guidance. Our show will deal with poverty and hunger within Rhodes' community engagement events and will consider the effects of a lack of basic nutrition on the sports,learning and generally fun activities planned by student societies.We will examine the problems these pose and the solutions that can and are being put in place.